About Us

Morselo is a signature brand of Alkemita Foods Pvt Ltd. It derives its name from the word morsel. At Morselo, we remain true to the name by making every morsel a revelation. We also derive pleasure in keeping your palate busy, more importantly in keeping it guessing! So, drop in or tap at morselo.com and have an experience you will cherish. With Morselo, eating is never a chore. All our products are original and designed to bring joy and convenience to your life. We use the freshest ingredients and we maintain the highest quality standards. It costs us dearly at times. But this is deeply ingrained in our ethos. It is something we shall not compromise. Tell us about your experience with Morselo and how we can improve. We are a young brand and we are deeply passionate about our products. Join us on this journey.

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