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Offering premium, customized party and catering services delivered to you, at an affordable price.


You have a celebration or a catering requirement on the cards? And you want something refreshingly new? We want to tell you that you have stumbled upon the right place.

Welcome to Morselo!

We are a start-up, but with decades of experience in Hospitality Industry from 5 star hotels. We make awesome food for your parties and catering! We make foods with flavours that are authentic Indian and curate new ones which have delicate infusion from other continents.

How does it all work?

You call us / send us an email / or even WhatsApp us your catering and party requirements. Our culinary team will understand your requirements and help you with suggestions. On the celebration day, we will deliver bang on time. Now regarding the food, we can fulfil your ask with traditional food options or our food creations or a mix of both.

We can provide food in bulk which you can portion and serve at your convenience or we could assist you with it. We can also serve in individually portioned boxes. These are very popular in birthday parties and impromptu parties in home and office. These customizable gourmet boxes eliminate efforts of serving and winding up and leave you with the precious time to be a part of your celebration with your friends and guests.


Party Food

organised in

just 3 days


Menu Curated by a 

5 Star Chef  

for your celebration


We use fresh and 

high quality ingredients, 

no preservatives in our food


Have served 

multinational firms, 

boardrooms and 

home parties.


At Morselo we really take the pain to understand the diversity of Indian palate. And we spend enormous time researching it and creating new flavours and improving the existing ones. Before we go into describing the unique foods we create, we would like to tell you that we can do pretty much all ethnic and traditional cuisines of India be it Punjabi, Awadhi, Chettinad or other Coastal flavours.

We also offers pick and eat foods like wraps, sandwiches, burgers, kebabs, empanadas, cannelloni’s and many more for your party or catering requirements. We have our own beverages which are prepared fresh and have no added preservatives.


Now, we are really impatient to tell you about the foods that are unique to us. We pick flavours from its place of origin and invent ways to serve it in a refreshingly new way. Like our NaanSUB. A Naan is converted into a SUB which we fill with slow cooked delicious curries and garnish it to glory. When we slow baked our Naan and the curry together in a unique way, magic happens, and what comes out of the fire is divine in taste.

If you like to try it do drop in at our outlet in Powai. Its 164, Galleria, Central Avenue, Powai, Mumbai.


A NaanSUB is packed with flavours and it really touches all Indian hearts. We serve it now in 10 Indian flavours and we have many more in our kitty which we can do.

The GT Road da Butter Chicken is picked from the North-West Frontiers through which the Grand Trunk Road traverses, the Fort Kochi Chicken Pepper fry brings the fresh pepper sharpness which piques your senses, the Kutch ka Achari Keema is a flavour we picked from an old Rabari lady of Kutch and curated it.

There are several more. Each are gems and have a story behind how we found them and then laboured to curate them. We can also cater to your imagination and preferences on flavours.


BakedFill is another creation of ours. This is an ode to the firangi flavours that have touched our shores or caught the fancy of Indians and then adopted and nurtured by our Indian Subcontinent.

A BakedFill is a house baked bread with fresh herbs and carries moist and juicy fillings with fusion of flavours – some subtle and some bold. The blend of the flavours is so delicate that it retains the essence of both the flavours.

A few examples of our creation have been Jamaican BBQ Butter, Harissa Kadai, Pesto infused with Indian smoky flavour, pepper infused béchamel with spinach and corn and many more. This is for all of us who like Indian firangi flavours but not the bland stuff.


We also do a variety of pick and eat foods called Flavour pods. They are unique to us. These are about three bite wonderful fills in herbed bread which we can do them in a dozen flavours and more.


So, go ahead and give us a call for an unique experience. We are waiting to hear from you.

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